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Online Book Lovers & Readers Club: O.B.L.R.C.

Read books-1  Love Books?  Join Us Today! Online Book Lovers & Readers Club is an international club.  Membership is free for the authors, the readers and book lovers.  This group is for the authors to introduce their favorite books online, write reviews for the books, and for the readers and book lovers to learn about the new books. It helps the authors to get reviews for their books; especially, for new authors. In addition, it helps the readers to discover great books.  It is getting costly for people to write the review(s) for the books.   Why not do something for ourselves?

We update the new books at the end of each month. *Members may bring two or more people to be part of the online group.  *Authors cannot ask or contact the members of the group to write the reviews for them.  *Readers cannot directly contact the authors.  *There will be a $75 fee per year for anyone who wants his/her book or business to be on our website list.  CHECK OUR SITEEMAIL US SPAM FREE (W:238 px) X (H:283 px) picture of your front book cover.  The photo must attach to a link, a book store such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. where your book is  sold. We do not accept a personal website to list a book.  The book will stay on our site for one year then removed. There will not be a refund when your book’s name is alive on our list.  CHECK OUR WEBSITE.  Members have two days to cancel their order from the date the payment is made. The refund is made via PayPal minus PayPal processing fee.  Please make sure you have a PayPal account.

Benefits for membership:  1) Post your favor book on our site list. 2) Free membership for the readers, book lovers, and authors. 3) Be informed on the new books. 4) Get a written review of your books from one our members. This is only for the people whose books are on our list. 5) We send the newsletter to our readers/members about the books including asking volunteers to write reviews for your book once a month. 6) The reviews will be posted at the book stores where your book is sold. Please note only one link per book. 7) Your book gets exposed to many of our members and possibly their friends.  8) The books are chosen by the first fifty books register online. 9) If your books are not among the books chosen list, we will be happy to list your book’s names on our books list page. Please let us know via email if the name of your book is not on the list. 10) We are not responsible for the comments or written reviews that members and the professionals books reviews make. The comments and the reviews are to help our authors to find whether or not they have written the best books.

  • Please note we do not accept pornographic and certain violent books. This statement is for all the members. If you are planning to comment or write a review, please be honest and fair.

By signing up to this group, you are a part of our mailing list. We send the newsletter once a month, but this may change.  We need volunteers to write the book reviews.  If you are interested in being a part of our special volunteers’ reviews writers, please let us know. Together, we can discover great books to read and help our writers.  Thanks!

Copyright 2016 – We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  Our policy can change at any time without a notice; however, any changes will be on our blog.

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