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Heart -2In The Heart of Our Souls is based on untold true short stories of the Kingdom of Congo’s descendants. The author starts with the story of her great grandfather who was the nephew of King Ntotila. He spoke and wrote English. In 1800’s, he translated the entire Bible from English to Kikongo for a family he trusted in a Western country and he was never paid. The author had the same experience as her great grand-father years ago, when she discovered a photographer and her friend made a false release; they forged her signature and handwriting without her consent/knowledge to sell her 144 pictures online and to a well-known company in Los Angeles and she was never paid. Neither the company nor the photographer and her friend apologized for what they had done to her. Those people walked free of charge in the court of law.  Her story and 144 PICTURES BOOK is coming soon this year.  Purchase her books at  on Amazon, or Barnes & Nobles or Kobo.  LEAVE A COMMENT

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